About Long John Hill Fish Bar

Fish and Chips are a British institution and here at Long John Hill Fish Bar we are committed to providing customers with the very best fish and chips cooked using traditional methods.  Our mission is simple, to offer you delicious fish and chips.

Our Core Values

Traditional Cooking Techniques

We care about the quality of the food we produce. We believe in traditional methods, so fry in beef dripping for the ultimate traditional taste.

Environmentally Friendly

From recycling to purchasing sustainable and responsibly sourced fish, we care about the impact we have on the environment. Here are some of the ways that we are doing our bit to look after the environment.

Responsibly sourced fish – It is our aim to ensure we do our bit to look after the fish stocks of the future.

Energy – Our energy supplier provides 100% sustainable electricity.

Reduction in Plastic – We have sourced alternatives to plastic forks. We are happy to provide you with a returnable metal fork to those that enjoy eating in our 17 space car park, or a large wooden fork if you are going further afield. We have also replaced our plastic carrier bags with paper bags. We are actively looking at other ways we can reduce the plastic used within our shop.

Recycling – Our food waste, cardboard, plastic and glass are all sent for recycling.

Local Source

We are pleased with the relationships we have with suppliers in Norwich. From our bread rolls, to sausages, we use local suppliers wherever possible to ensure freshness of our produce.

We believe our handmade pies are the best in Norwich! Their unique pastry crust and fresh meat which is supplied direct from one of Norwich’s finest butchers with 11 delicious flavours to choose from. We are proud to be the only fish and chip shop offering these wonderful pies!

Our potatoes are sourced directly from a local farm. Throughout the year we will rotate the variety of potato we use to make sure they are the best seasonally available. Chips are prepared from the fresh potatoes every day.

Food Hygiene

We are proud of our five-star food hygiene rating. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our kitchen and the preparation of our food. The food hygiene rating is given to a business to reflect the standards of food hygiene found by the local authority.

With a strong team beside them, Paul and Vicky want to ensure fish and chips are of the highest quality and flavour, whilst providing a high standard of service to their customers.

“We are passionate about fish and chips and will always strive to ensure the end product is of the highest standard”

We hope to see you soon!

Paul and Vicky